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a man riding a surfboard on top of a body of water

For over 15 years, Broadbeach Surf School has been teaching surfing to people of all ages and ability. We love to share the joy of surfing and our intimate knowledge of the ocean, so your time on the beach is a fun and safe experience. Our mission is to give all people the opportunity to experience surfing and its lifestyle and demonstrate how surfing can provide a more fulfilling, enriching, and enjoyable life.

Meet Our Team

Broadbeach Surf School is proud to be affiliated with Academy of Surfing Instructors. ASI is the world’s leading professional membership organisation and international governing body for instructors, coaches and schools in the outdoor recreation industry for surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding. All of our coaches are fully qualified through ASI and they also complete regular refresher courses in Ocean Rescue, First Aid, and Advanced Resuscitation. We are surfers who live to surf, love to surf, and want to share the joy of surfing with you.


Grew up surfing the Gold Coast in the ’80s. During his overseas travels, he developed a real passion for surfing, realising that the ocean had a lot more to offer than just waves. “We can learn so much about life and ourselves from the ocean.

I just want to share the joy and happiness it gives to me with everyone else”. Marcel has coached pro surfers to world championship level and won awards for his work coaching people with disabilities. He was 2003 Surfing Queensland Coach of the Year.


Will was born on the Gold Coast and grew up surfing Broadbeach. Under the mentorship of Marcel, Will has spent many years teaching surfing at Broadbeach Surf School to people of all abilities and ages. Will has travelled and surfed all over the world, but he still calls Broadbeach home! His other passions include backcountry snowboarding and hiking.

Will has a degree in engineering and has worked in both the Mining and Construction Industry. But he is back doing what he loves most, and that’s meeting new people and sharing the joy of surfing!


Luisa grew up in Sao Paulo one of Brazil’s major cities. Her first surfing experience was as a young child standing up on a bodyboard. She soon realised that it was in the ocean, when she was riding waves and away from the city, that she was able to find her true sense of self and so it was only natural that the ocean and surfing became a major part of her life.

Luisa loves to share with others what the ocean has given to her. “I have an instant connection with the ocean when I am in it and surfing has always been somewhat of a spiritual experience for me”. People who surf with Luisa discover the whole new world that the unique feeling of riding waves gives and in many cases much more!


Nobby is one of the Gold Coast’s most experienced surfing instructors as well as a long term member of one of the Gold Coast’s most famous surfboard riding clubs.

Being a devoted father of two young children with nearly 20 years of coaching experience ensures Nobby has the ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds. Both his enthusiasm and gentle, patient nature make him popular with all who meet him.


Shin grew up on the beaches near Tokyo and started surfing when he was 5yo. Both an experienced free surfer and respected competitor Shin came to Australia to continue his surfing journey and never looked back!

Shin is a mad keen surfer who still competes now and then but these days his passion lies in passing on his surfing skills and knowledge to others. Watching his students faces light up as they improve their skills and gain more understanding of the ocean are what give Shin great joy and satisfaction and ensure his students have a memorable experience.