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Broadbeach Surf School (BSS) is always looking for new agents who want to give their customers a quality surfing experience.

The following information should help you decide as to whether what BSS offers is going to enhance what you as an agent offer to your customers and if you believe it does get in touch with us.


The Gold Coast is a 40 km stretch of coastline that offers various surfing conditions. The northern end of the Gold Coast, where BSS is located, has waves most days of the year. Ocean conditions vary and can be challenging at times. Hence we recommend people who want to try surfing with us have some degree of fitness and can swim at least one length of a 25 metre pool.


Spring/Summer (Sep – Feb) is our most busy time of year but Autumn/Winter (Mar – Aug) is more popular for surfers because conditions are cleaner and the weather is more settled. Both air temperature and water temperature are still pleasant during Winter at around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Farenheit).


BSS is in Broadbeach which is the next suburb south of Surfers Paradise. It is only a five-minute taxi ride or tram ride yet much more relaxed and less crowded than Surfers Paradise so it is well worth the trip if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle. Cost is about $10 return by tram or $10 each way by taxi.


Established in 2006, all types of people have tried surfing with BSS and we have found it to be most successful and popular with:

  • Young couples
  • Children and teenagers
  • Adventurous singles – both young and old
  • Twenty to thirty-something groups of friends


All our lessons go for about two hours. Group lessons which are a maximum of six people are $55 for students and $65 for adults. Private lessons are $140 per person (minimum of two people) and are suggested for people who want a more personalised experience.

You do tend to learn more in a private lesson and they are particularly popular with more mature students or people who want a more customised and personalised surfing experience. Individual private lessons are available for the two-person price.


The booking process for all agents is made via our online booking system which is easy to use. A minimum 48 hours in advance is recommended to make a booking. BSS keeps a regular eye on weather and ocean conditions so we generally know up to three days in advance as to whether lessons will go ahead or not.

If BSS has to cancel lessons due to conditions (which does happen sometimes) and the customer is unable to reschedule a full refund will be given.